Today is the Friday after finals so I didn’t have school. I got to sleep in, take a long shower, and eat breakfast. All by myself. My sister is at my dads and my mom, who was supposed to come home early tonight, is at work. I spent my day in almost complete isolation. No internet, no cell phone. My cell phone broke yesterday morning. I tried to turn it on and all that it did was turn on its screen but it wouldn’t show anything) and light up its keys. I’ll be getting a new phone as soon as At&t clears my moms check.

Want an itinerary of what I did today?

Woke up. Turned on the fireplace. Played Sims for an hour. Took a shower. Forgot a towel so I had to run around my house naked to get one. Once dry (and dressed) I ate some leftovers. Made coffee. Drank coffee while watching sponge bob. Got motivated and went outside. Weeded 1 sq ft of garden. Got distracted by dogs. Shushed dogs. Got distracted by dead flower stalks. Got pruning scissors and pruned four plants. Heard chirping and got distracted. Looked around and saw a humming bird. Realized I still needed to refill their feeder. Got feeder. Cleaned feeder. Refilled feeder and put in too much hummingbird food. Hung feeder. Walked up the steps on the right and realized I needed to rake the leaves. Raked leaves. Got distracted by rhododendron. Dead headed rhododendron. Continued up steps and finished weeding the original spot I had been working on. Got distracted by dogs. Went and settled dogs back down. Realized stepping stones were needed at base of steps. Didn’t like that stepping stones weren’t even once placed. Searched for rocks to place under stepping stones to make even. Went back up steps and noticed that I should switch over to the right half of the yard which needed a lot more work. Noticed an uneven stone. Removed stone and level dirt (taking several attempts.) Found sprinkler line and had to be careful. Placed stone. Realized it was unstable. Decided I should weed around it before I got it settled in. Took weed bucket over to almost full compost bin for 10th time today. Had to go and shush dogs for barking at neighbor. Had conversation with neighbor about school and sister and father. Other neighbor came home. Had to shush dogs for barking at him. Continued conversation with both of them about shrubs and birds. Finished conversation and went inside with dogs. Washed hands and went to bathroom. Washed hands and went back outside. Continued weeding. Realized I hadn’t finished raking. Completed 2/3 of raking. Went back inside because it was too dark to continue. Washed hands. Removed sliver I had acquired sometime during the day. Started writing post. Answered phone. Talked to my mom for about 20 minutes about everything listed above. Laughed at you for thinking my mother thought that I had accomplished something. Reread last sentence to make sure it sounded correct. Still in debate about sentence. Ate McDonalds my mother had brought home. Watched several hours of TV with mother. Finished writing post. Reread post and became extremely tired. Realized why I have no readers. Became very irritated over the fact that I can’t post this. Became irritated over the fact that I can’t date this because I don’t have a phone.

Ok I’m done. That was more than anyone needed to know about my day. But it does tell you how random and unorganized I am.

Found a tumor on Kira tonight. Its rather depressing. The thing is bigger then my thumb. We can’t afford surgery for her. We haven’t even paid for our cat’s surgery yet. And that was years ago. I think we’re going to have to put her down. Despite how easily I thought I’d be able to handle loosing a family member I’m actually kind of sad. She’s my little Kira me sue and even though she has a bark that drives me crazy I still don’t want to have to put her down. But I certainly don’t want her running around with a painful tumor fir the next several months. I don’t even know if it is a tumor. But there really isn’t anything other explanation. My mom tried to tell me that it was a welt from a bite. Except it’s as hard as a rock and doesn’t move with her skin, it’s like attached to her ribs. *takes deep breath* I’m just going to have to explain this to myself for a few days. I reason things out very efficiently when I explain it to myself. Because then I can argue it all out in my head and explore all the possibilities I can think of. God, I really do feel sad for you all, having to read all this junk.