I’m going absolutely insane. I can’t do any of my normal, useless, research. I’ll usually google half a dozen things a day, about whatever species of butterfly has just fluttered through my yard or how they make concrete. I google anything and everything until I feel I know enough about the subject to be considered a professional to those who know nothing about it. I’m weird ok?

 You may be asking yourself (well once you’re finally able to read this) why it is that I continue to write even though there’s absolutely no chance of anyone reading this at the moment. The truth? I’ve become so used to writing a post a day that not doing so is unthinkable. The only time I don’t write posts is when A) I don’t have a computer B) I’m in a coma or C) I forget to do it until it’s one in the morning and I’m already half asleep. But if the case is C then I usually write it the next day and just date it for the day before.

I had my Biology and History finals today. I think I did alright in Bio but I didn’t finish so I’ve got to do that tomorrow morning. History was really fun. Yes, FUN. My teacher, who never comes up with anything interesting or original for his lessons, decided we’d be doing the same thing as another class. We got into groups of three and then were given social class and power (from the French Revolution era.) The goal was to become the most powerful group in the class and mine was the second most powerful, being in complete control only once.

You see, my group was the Radicals. We liked the peasants, the merchants and the revolutionist. There’s another group in there but I forgot what it was called. We didn’t like the church (clergy) or the royalists (who was always in power). The nobles would’ve been alright if that group hadn’t gone over to the dark side. Anyway. We had a deal with four other groups giving us a collective 50 armies, but they all thought they were going to be slick and double cross the Royalists. We came to a vote for power every 10 minute (over a 2 hour period) and everyone kept voting for the Royalists (to get on their good side so they could double cross them) except that only gave them the power to do what they wanted. Finally, after they killed the merchant’s messenger (she had to sit out most of the game) everyone gave me, I mean my group, power. I killed the queen (who ruled the royalists) and taxed the royalists and clergy $6. I taxed the nobles $4.

Then the next round comes along and everyone votes for the Royalists! I had originally controlled 2/3 of the voting parties so I don’t understand how it was that I lost power, as I had done exactly what I had promised to do originally. Now that I think back about it though I probably should have given the rest of the groups $2 each as a thanks. Anyway.

Once the Royalists were in power I was murdered. “In the cross fire” one of the peasants were killed. That meant that there were three groups with only two players. Shortly after that another peasant died because of famine. My only thought? That’s what you get bitches. Lol.

The Royalists still had power because no one else had the tactical power to compete with their leader anymore. Meaning, no one else wanted to try after I had been removed. The next voting period came around and Royalists still have supreme control. They tax everyone and kill another of my group’s members. Leaving the most defenseless person as the survivor. My teacher came over to me and said that I was allowed to have a message from the dead and I was allowed to kill one person. I was supposed to have who ever I wanted killed during the next vote but since the Royalists had ultimate power he ended the game early. I was going to kill the merchant leader, who kept screwing my group over.

After my teacher decided to call it quits I had to go return my armies. “What the heck Mr K? What happened to my resurrection as Jesus?!” Looking back, it would’ve been more accurate to say King Arthur but oh well. The clergy was promising that they could save people from eternal damnation so I wanted to have a little religious fun too. Lol.