I didn’t want to write about this before, because I wasn’t sure if it was official, but my sister has decided to go and stay with my dad for ten days. This guy. It’s the middle of school and she’s going to stay down with him for ten days; wtf.

So anyway, my freakin’ internet went down again and I’m so irritated anyway that I had to write something for the day. In case you all didn’t know, I have the ability to PMS. During this time, I get EXTREMELY irritable over tiny things (or nothing in some cases) and I NEED chocolate. This isn’t a fake thing, just every so often I become… well a chocolate crazed mega bitch. Hahahaha.

Today for example; my friend F decided she was going to be a dumbass and skip everything after second period. She was at school all day; she just didn’t go to class. F called me in the middle of second (why she thought I would answer I don’t know) and then again during the beginning of third. I’m able to talk during third so I answered. When she answered she was super giggly and seemed really out of sorts. I figured she was stoned. She told me she was lost and she had no idea where she was. My school is a rectangle, there’s no way in hell you can get lost in it. So that confirmed my belief that she was high.

This really pissed me off; we’re in class working our asses off for finals which are TOMORROW and she’s running around the school stoned. “F stop being a dumbass, where the fuck are you. This is finals week don’t fuck this up. You’re being a dumbass, where the fuck are you.” I was saying this in a loud enough voice that you could hear me across the class room but luckily our whole class is made up of clicks so no one listens to anyone else. And my teacher doesn’t hear anything lol. “Willow, I don’t know where I am.” Then she turned to whoever she was with and asked him. “I think I’m in the 700 building in W’s room.” Again, this building is just one long, detached hallway. You have to make an effort to get into it; there’s no way to get lost at my school.

“You better get your ass to class right now, stop fucking around F this is finals week. Stop being such a dumbass.” Then the bitch phone slapped me (where someone pushes a button while your talking so the phone beeps) which really pissed me off. This is why you always keep chocolate around me during these times; I get pissed over the dumbest shit imaginable. Oh and I swear A LOT more.

So then after a while I texted her and she told me she was taking a test in W’s room. I replied “a drug test?” She said she wasn’t but whatever. Two freaking hours later, we’re in another class and she still isn’t back. Then lunch goes by and still nothing. We get to 5th and our group decides as a whole that she’s out. So tomorrow (if she bothers to show up) we’re all just going to ignore her. Usually I sit at the end of our table during 3rd because there are only four seats and our group has five people when F is there. We’ve decided that she doesn’t deserve the seat anymore, so I’ll be sitting there tomorrow.

During 5th she sits in the middle of our group (which used to be my seat but she decided to take it); I’ll be sitting there tomorrow. If she gets there first, we’re just going to ignore her and talk around her to one another.

She’s been acting like this because of her boyfriend. F is one of those people who will change to fit in with whatever group or person she’s with so her boyfriend is having a really bad influence on her. She started smoking cigarettes because of him and cuts class ALL the time to go and hang with him. Her parents have no idea what to do so she basically gets off scot free. Oh and I just found out that she was with her boyfriend all day. So not only was she high and skipping, the bitch lied to me too.

In short? I’m a whiny bitch who loves chocolate and hates it when people who would be doing fine are throwing their lives away for some fuck up of a boyfriend. Its 10:37 and I’m still studying for my finals tomorrow. Ah fuck! I have to copy the proofs down on my hand! I hate proofs with a passion! I honestly would give up my entire page of notes in exchange for not having to do the proofs (because we’re techniqually not aloud to have them for this test.) Okay okay, I’m done complaining. Godang, can’t a guy vent about nothing for 840words?

Blogging is like sex; it takes a lot of work but in the end you enjoy it.