*sigh* why oh why did I ever start blogging? I’m completely addicted now, and there’s no getting around it. For whatever reason my internet decided to crash yesterday. Nothing I did worked. So I spent the entire day in a bad mood because I couldn’t get on here to write something. How sad is that? Honestly.

Then randomly, about 15 minutes ago, the box decided that it was going to start working again. I’d like to complain, but I’m just glad to be able to post something again. However, I’m a little upset about the fact that my blog is completely dependant on a new post from me everyday. I had gone for about two weeks where I never dropped below 26 page views, and then I don’t post something ONE day and I’m down to seven. I guess I know that I only have seven loyal readers. Thanks to whomever you are! Lol.

No but it’s ok that not all of you check this everyday. If I don’t see something new from those of you that I follow, I don’t check your blog. So I guess the thing that irritates me most is something I do myself. What’s that called again?

I went to C’s house today for a study session. And yes, I’m a good student who actually did study. She had a cute dog (the breed of which I cannot remember) who had one brown eye and one blue. Very adorable.

We worked for two hours on our study guides, and none of us realized how quickly time went by. It was really bizarre. I feel like I didn’t get much done, but I was working diligently the whole time. Finals start Tuesday so that should be fun! Not. I have to memorize over 100 Latin words for SCIENCE. They’re all little root things that help you identify the meaning of larger words without actually learning them. Then for Spanish, I have to memorize 21 phrases and responses and then on Tuesday pick two randomly to repeat to the teacher. I have no idea where to start with Math.

So anyway, some of you may be reading this thinking “didn’t you say your friendships get worse after your friends come over?” The truth is, it took one of my friendships about four months to die after that particular friend came over. So you may be thinking I’m a liar at the moment but just wait.

My moms friend John came over just now (which is why I had to leave) because he had to run a scan on my computer. Everything was fine with it so that’s good.

UGH crap. I just remembered that I still have to make a movie poster for the book I read for LA and I have to make a cheat sheat for Math. Will this list of homework ever end?