So my blog has been pretty devoid of pictures lately (wow can I state the obvious or what?) so I figured I would just make this entire post a picture post. With captions of course.

First picture of Buttercup and I together. See how small she is? Taken 8/25/09.

Taken 9/11/09

also taken 9/11/09

One of the last pictures of any of the dogs in the old house. Taken 12/12/09.

First picture taken at new house. I woke up just in time to watch Buttercup watch the sunrise. Taken 12/27/09.

This is the master shower; and those are glass blocks. The main bathroom shower looks similar to this. You can see straight through these blocks and they’re the only barrier between you and the outdoors. How’dy neighbor! Taken12/27/09.

I was chasing the dogs through the house after I had showered. Luckily I was able to get a picture of Buttercup with her ears down; she puts them down whenever she runs to someone she likes. Taken 12/27/09.

Kira sue sitting in the bay window in my room. Taken 12/28/09.

She used to climb onto the toilet, and then into the sink in an attempt to get out of the bathroom where the littler dogs spend their day (before anyone gets home.) Why she did this I don’t know; she couldn’t ever get herself back down. Taken 12/31/09.

Her newest place to sleep is on the backs of the couches. This is the couch in my room; she rests her head on the window seal when she looks out. Taken 1/16/10.

She also likes looking out of the bay window, which gives her a full veiw of everthing on our block. The problem is she’s just too short to get to the bay window, so she has to get on my bed (which is currently in front of the bay window) to see out. Taken 1/16/10.

She was just too tired to put her head anywhere else. Her nose is wedged into the heel of my mom’s rubber outdoor shoes. Taken 1/16/10.

It’s so hard to get all the pets in one picture. The only one missing from this is Albus, the white cat. She was outside at the time. The brown cat in here is named Lily ( after Lily Potter in case you were wondering where the name came from.) Taken 1/18/10.

The first bloom of the year in my yard. It’s a light pink Rhododendron. The sight of this flower caused me to do about half an hour of yard work. It’s only January and I’m already behind! Taken 1/22/10.

Oh and this is my 200th post. Congratulations to me.