I’ve written about bathing my dogs before but I’ve never written about showering them. Buttercup is notorious for getting into our green house and digging up the dead plants. She’s come in the house with a black snout and black paws before and today was one of those days. Since I still hadn’t taken my morning shower I figured “hey, might as while bring her in with me.”

One of my aunt’s friends takes her little dog into the shower with her too, which is where I got the idea. So I brought Buttercup into the bathroom with me and while my back was turned (I was still completely clothed) my mom threw Kira in as well.I thought it would be weird, being naked in front the dogs. But to be honest, it wasn’t really that horrible. And bathing with them was faster than bathing each dog individually. Plus I didn’t have to worry about getting my clothes wet.Once the both dogs had had their in the shower I washed myself and then got out to dry them off. They had been rolling/digging around in the towels I threw on the floor for them anyway but I gave them a roughing up and used the hairdryer on them. Kira loves the hair dryer and try’s to bite the warm air; it’s really cute.If you have little dogs and a shower large enough to fit the two (or three) of you in, then I recommend doing this. It’s not that it’s fun but it’s weird you know? It’s something new that you wouldn’t really try normally. Plus your dog will look hysterical trying to get dry. However, if you do consider doing it, try it on a weekend. You come out of the shower smelling like dog shampoo if you don’t rinse yourself enough. lol 

WARNING: Do NOT try this with cats.