As you might should know, C came over today. Well I should’ve known things would’ve been bad as soon as we got off the bus. We had to walk home with the rain blowing straight into our faces. By the time we got to my house we were soaked and C’s shoes were sopping. She had on some cloth shoes that had no protection from the rain. We put her shoes and socks by the fire to dry.

I went to let the little dogs out from the bathroom, because they can’t be trusted to be running around the house, and what do I find? Not one, not two, but THREE! THREE piles of dog shit in the shower! I was dying! It reeked, one pile was solid with chunks of bone in it, the other was a runny puddle of glop and the last one was nothing but a small dollop of diarrhea surrounded by a puddle of brown water. I was gagging.

C needed to come in and see this, it was so utterly disgusting that you couldn’t help but laugh. Well now what? I had to clean that shit up some how. I ended up calling my mom who gave me permission to wash the liquid crap down the drain and told me to pick the solid stuff with chunks in it out of the shower to flush down the toilet. Gosh, isn’t my life glamorous?

So all of this is happening while C is over, still laughing her butt off, and I’ve got to wash this crap down the drain. Which stinks so bad that even with the fan on I’ve got to go and open my mom’s bedroom window.

After that was all cleaned up I made some cookies for C because we didn’t have any food in the house. We watched The Bad Girls Club the entire time she was here. And thus, the reason I don’t have people over. I’m not interesting after school and I have to clean up dog shit on a daily basis. Who wants to hang out with someone like that?

Now my hand is bleeding because Buttercup wouldn’t let Kira into my room. So I called Kira in and when she came Buttercup jumped out and attacked her. Guess what little dog; I own you. I’m the head bitch in charge in the house, so what I say- goes. I jumped up to reprimand Buttercup and she scurried under my couch because she knew she was in the wrong.

So I reached under (my couch is very tall and high up off the ground) and yanked her out. Except she didn’t want to come, so she pushed back with her legs which made her stand up a little bit more and because she was struggling I yanked harder. I didn’t even notice that I had cut my hand on the bottom of the couch; I was busy trying to kick this little dogs butt.

I tried to flip her over because in dog language that shows that I AM the dominant one and will not be easily beaten. Except she growled at me while I was doing it. She GROWLED at me. Excuse me kid, who the hell do you think you are? You’re getting in trouble, in a big way, you don’t get to try and be the alpha dog WHILE I’m punishing you. That’s not how that’s going to go.

This dog had better be ready for a smack down, because blood had been drawn and the gauntlet thrown.

Oh so in conclusion with C she had to leave early because her mom called and “wanted to come get her.” You know, you could just tell me that you didn’t want to stay any longer. I know my life isn’t interesting (even though about 20 people read this everyday) so you might as well just admit you didn’t want to be around me.

She wouldn’t even stay long enough for her mom to come and get her from my house because she “didn’t want to have to describe where I lived,” even though my house is ridiculously easy to find. It’s right behind a church that is directly behind a store. A store her mom was at! But no, she’d rather walk in the dark and the cold and the rain, alone, than wait for her mom. Urrrgh! And so the decline of my friendship with C begins.