I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I’m very interested in the environment. I love knowing that everything has a place in the world and that all of it fits fantastically in its ecosystem. There are several species of plant and animal that really entirely on one another.

For instance, there is a plant in Hawaii that lives high up on the crags of rocks in a place unreachable on foot. They depend entirely on ONE species of moth to pollinate its flower and keep its species alive. The moth, for whatever reason, stopped flying up so high a few years back and the plant became seriously endangered. With the intervention of humans the plant was saved through cultivation and some plants were placed back on the rocks.

Isn’t that interesting that some species were designed to specifically appeal to one creature? There is a plant somewhere in the mid-west that caterpillars love to eat. The plant, when threatened, will release a pharaoh that attracts wasps who happen to enjoy that species of caterpillar very much. Or how about the cacti across the South that depend entirely on bats or mice for pollination?

There is a tree (it’s the very large one that has a HUGE trunk filled with water) in Madagascar which opens it flowers only at night so a species of lemur will pollinate it. A species of lizard discovered that the Corpse Flower was very warm during summer and uses it as a sunning station. This speeds up the process of starting its day. And because the flower smells like a corpse, fly’s are attracted which the lizard can eat.

The list of examples is about as long as the list of species on Earth but you grasp my concept right? Do all species have a partner specifically designed for them? How is it that all of these plants and animals evolved (all at the same time) to co-exist perfectly with one another and even benefit from each other? There MUST be some grand design because it seems like it would be too BIG of a coincidence.

I’m not a religious person; I find most religions to be nuisances. But I do think that there is something that effected how and where things fit together. Whether that be a God, Gods, or deity. I’m rooting for Mother Earth if you want my opinion.

What do you think about all of this?