I promise I won’t keep up this oober-late posting thing I’ve been doing recently. I’m just not motivated to write earlier, especially during the week. I didn’t get up until noon today (which so amazingly nice I can’t begin to describe it) so my day didn’t really start until 3. I watched movies mostly, well actually literally, all day. I came downstairs to find my sister watching Iron Man which meant that I needed to sit down too because I haven’t seen it in such a long time.

After that I got into the shower because I HAVE to shower everyday. I can NOT stand going a day without a shower. I feel grungy without one. Our shower is on the outer wall of the house so the previous owners took out the wall made of wood that the shower is up against, and made one out of block glass.


That means people can look in and see you stark naked. It also means that at 2 in the afternoon, things are kind of bright in the shower. That picture was taken at night so you can’t see outside but you get the idea. With all the sunlight streaming in, I was a little freaked out. Sunlight doesn’t usually touch certain places, at least not on my body, so I felt, well, naked.

Anyway, after that I sat back down on the couch and then decided I wanted to turn on our gas fireplace. This takes a bit of effort because you have to plug it in, turn it on, turn up the gas slowly while clicking the igniter. Once you have the pilot light going you have to keep holding the gas button for a few seconds then you can turn on the actual fire with another dial. My mom had to get it going for me, to say the least. The dogs promptly took a nap under the hearth (kira’s in the rocking chair).


That heated our house up pretty quick which made unpacking a goal that was unattainable. My mom ended up taking a nap in her room and my sister and I watched TV on the couch. She had only been asleep for about half an hour when my aunt called to say she had gotten some 40+ year old family movies back from wherever that she had sent in a while ago.

By then it was 6 so we headed over to her house and spent over four hours watching scratchy silent home videos of my mother as a child. It was fun; she had quite the thigh rolls as an infant lol. She calls them her “5 knees.” I got to see my 70+ uncle at age 20 which was ridiculously weird. He had black hair; he’s had WHITE hair since he was 40, it was a little odd for me okay?

Once we said our goodbyes and headed home it was around 10:30 and we still had to feed the dogs and wait for them to go to the bathroom until bed time. So we turned the fire back on, making us more tired than we already were, and watched a rerun of the Bad Girls Club. I managed to miss about three episodes during the move so I was excited to see this. And yes, I do genuinely watch this crap. *sigh* What am I doing with my life?