Today was rather- blah. Nothing of note really. I spent most of my day in the dwellings of my own mind, not necessarily day dreaming of distant lands, just reserved and withdrawn. Day dreaming is something that has come to be the center of my life. I am constantly pretending I am telekinetic and can shape shift. But it isn’t really me who can do these things, it is my other self.

 The extension of me, who is capable of anything and everything, who is afraid of nothing and has nothing to loose because they are invincible and could make the very Earth stop spinning with the blink of an eye. You can see that this is much more than a fantasy, yes? It clearly is physiologically based. I’m not going to go into anything and try and give myself a diagnosis or whatever. I’ll let you make your own conjectures; it’s not really that hard to guess (I’m secretly psychotic, but don’t tell my other half.)

I’m telling you all of this because for the first time in perhaps two years I spent about two hours living in complete reality. It wasn’t due to anything serious, just the on goings of my home. I realized this when my brain made the switch back to fantasy and I think I imagined myself levitating a chair out of the way or something random like that. As soon as I realized that the past two hours of my life had been completely totally real I was shocked. It’s been so long since my mind has not interfered with things that I almost had a heart attack.

Well now you know what you have all gotten yourselves into. Sorry to inform you but you’re reading the blog of a seemingly normal yet disturbed highschooler who is one step away from having multiple personality disorder. Except my “other self” isn’t a person. They don’t live and breathe through me, they carry out no actions that effect people. It (since they are a shape shifter they are constantly shifting back and forth between sexes) is simply my way of seeing my ideal self, with a few magical abilities thrown in.

I don’t know why I felt the need to put all this out on the internet. It’ll probably get me fired someday. I’ve never told anyone any of this before; it’s my deepest, darkest, most important and least discoverable of secrets. So there you have it, the 13 odd people who read this shit  everyday; you have been privy to my insanity. You have gotten a look at something that no one has ever seen nor will ever see again. Aren’t you all so lucky?