At least that’s what they say. I found that saying to hold all too true to it’s self the past week or however long I’ve been gone. I think I may be addicted to blogging and without being able to post everyday I was a little… distraught. Here’s a light diagnosis for yourself. If you are experiencing: Disorientation, loss of interest, sudden bouts of bitchyness, what is known as “crying yourself to sleep at night”, anxiousness due to lack of internet connect-ability or find yourself complaining to everyone around you about personal/ private things then you may be addicted to blogging. If you are feeling any of these symptoms when away from your blog for any length of time please consult your internet provider/ computer tech support. These feelings, while not uncommon, may be unhealthy for some users and should be taken seriously.

I just wanted to make sure people weren’t feeling unsure about what they may be feeling. 😀

With the coming of the New Year I’m sure all of you made some resolutions. I hardly ever do this but I figured I might as well come up with something because it’s something that needs to be done. I was thinking of coming out; as in telling all of my friends (and not denying it to my enemies) that I’m gay. It’s something that needs to be done and it’s not even a secret anymore. I mean honestly, if a guy walks up to you and starts talking about what you’re wearing, then compares how best to moisturize one’s face, and then begins talking about how they need to tweeze their eyebrows REALLY badly but can’t because they can’t find the tweezers; then there’s a 95% chance they are a homo lol. Plus then I get to open up to gay jokes and things of that nature and can stop holding back about my opinion on things. I was going to come out this Monday but since I couldn’t access my blog I didn’t want to do it hahahah. I needed to be able to document every detail you know?

My house is AMAZING. I get the family room (complete with a staircase, a window, a bay window, two skylights, a gas fireplace, access to the attic and our second couch) as a bed room, so I have the largest room in the house. There is another fireplace downstairs in the living room. The back yard is terraced and has a lovely irrigation system as well as a view and a green house. I’ll have pictures tomorrow, believe me.

I think that covers the gist of things but I’ll go back and post in more detail on the important days that I was gone.

Oh and I spilt a full cup of water on my laptop today completely ruining it. Just wanted to mark that down.