This was a stressful yet exciting day. We spent everyday since Christmas hauling a van load of boxes over to the new house. I didn’t realize we had as much junk as we did, but I quickly realized that, well, we have a lot of shit. It’s really not even stuff that we need, but it’s stuff that is usable in some cases. The movers came around 11ish I think. They spent about 3 hours moving things which is alright I guess.

Except we have a piano. A very old piano. Over a hundred years old to be more precise. The keys are all made of real ivory. When you move a piano it has to be put on a dolly. These movers just tried to lift the thing up and ROLL it into our house! They scratched the hell out of the feet and it’s knocked completely out of tune. Word to the wise. Hire piano movers the day before you move everything else so that they are specialist and know what they’re doing and so they can get it in before everything else.