“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! C’mon everyone, wake up!” You remember saying these words at one point another in your life I’m sure. Well today, no one said that in my house. It was more like “Get up it’s time to pack.” You’re supposed to get presents on Christmas right? I came in contact with about 40 boxes today, does that count? I haven’t “unwrapped” any of them yet but that’s not the point. I got up at nine, showered, and immediately started throwing boxes into my aunts van. We made three trips and then my mom got tired so she took a nap at three hahaha. That’s the only reason I have time to write this out, otherwise I’d still be making trips. With some one to snuggle up to on the floor, Buttercup lay down also in an attempt to take a nap. She didn’t look very comfortable and had to move several times but hey, at least she got a few Zzz’s.

I guess I get a cute puppy for Christmas.