My dad wanted to have Christmas earlier than Christmas Eve so that we could enjoy our presents so I’ve just spent the last hour unwrapping things.

Here’s what I got:

A gift card to Borders, iTunes and a nursery down the street.

Teeth whitening strips and a lap desk thing that I can put my laptop on.

A clock to match my bed room and

I also got the Avatar game for wii. But of course my wii is being stupid so I can’t play it now.

My sister got:

An air freshener (the kind with sticks and perfume, in a jar… you’d know it if you saw it)

Teeth whitening strips,

A desk like mine,

A huge body mirror that cost over $400,

A blanket,

A photo album,

And an ipod cover.

Here’s a picture of everything, with my oldest cat, Dusty’s, ears. I love this cat, she’s incredibly smart.

And here’s a picture of my sister’s mirror (still wrapped.)

I didn’t do much again today. Just sat in the same seat all day, while my dad ran around trying to get our presents. My sister, once again, got the biggest, most expensive, gift. I didn’t complain about anything but my dad tried to make it sound like he’d spent more on me. He spent about $300 on me and about $600 on her. Whatever. Of course he’s going to spend more on his little princess. I suppose it’s just the Italian thing to do right? The youngest girl of the family is royalty? Except I’m the last male in the family who has our last name. Which means that, quite literally, my sister and I are the royalty of the family if Old Italian ways hold true. I’m the only one who will care on our name. Hahahah, too bad for these people, I won’t be having kids. I’m only going to adopt. Anyway, this isn’t in the Christmas spirit. But it’s in my nature to rant so which do you think is winning? hahahah