So I didn’t do too much today. Spent most of it watching my stats and trying to figure out where I could comment to improve them. I did a light bit of surfing and then got bored (my attention span is shot to hell) so I went to play a random game online. As soon as I  had I gotten involved in the game my dad tells us we need to leave. We went to have dinner with my grandparents who were spent the night trying to get a laugh out of my sister and I. You might recall how they said they were canceling all family get-togethers last month? Well that’s been revoked. They’re having a Christmas dinner at their house like normal except they’re having it Christmas day instead of Christmas Eve. Which is so bizarre; what is changing the date by one day going to do? My sister and I won’t be having dinner with them though because we have to go back to our moms on Christmas Eve. Hence the reason for the dinner with our grandparents tonight. They kept us laughing most of the evening, the quite times filled with delicious food. After we finished we came home, my dad lit a fire, and my sister went to my aunts. A pretty normal day all in all.