This movie was absolutely beautiful. It was something from my own heart. Honestly I would sell everything I own and hop on the next shuttle to Pandora (an alien planet) if I could live there amongst the branches. James Cameron really out did himself with this film.

So what’s it about?: A people called the Na’vi have a village (which is in a tree that is so large… I can’t even describe) on the largest deposit of a certain kind of mineral that humans want. Since we aren’t a peaceful species at heart, we threaten them and chaos ensues.

The good?: not only is the main story a beautiful and infuriating one, the subliminal story is a heart breaker. You MUST see this, I’m planning on seeing it a second time. And I never do that for films still in theaters. The landscape of Pandora is beatufil and honestly something I dream of. A planet where everything is literally connected to one another- and Mother earth is an actual being you can communicate with! *sigh* Just go see it will you?

The bad?: The main character sounded like a looser a couple of points in the movie. Some of the times he swears he just sounds stupid, especially in the presences of the Na’vi. They also show a lot of death and violence and burning of forests. This is something necessary for the movie and really isn’t a bad thing, I just hate seeing it lol.

The verdict?: You better go and see this movie. I wouldn’t recommend it in 3D though (I saw it in 3D) because the 3D effects take away from the effects of the movie. Plus it costs $3.50 more per ticket. But seriously go and see this film, it’s sad and beautiful and far surpasses Titanic or Terminator.