It’s raining here again. For those people who haven’t been to Washington during the wet season let me tell you something. Things get wet around here. It rains and rains for days on end and just when you think it’s done for good another cloud shows up with even more water than the first one. You might recall that my house is junk. The roof leaks in two areas, even with a slight drizzle. For what ever reason the leak takes longer to get going when it’s raining hard (yea seems backward right?) so the leaks aren’t leaking yet. The yard, which has been frozen solid for the past two weeks, is soaked with all the rain and squishes when you walk on it. Normally I enjoy the rain, it brings life to the most barren places, but I’m not a fan of this kind of weather. I enjoy walking through the rain when it’s 60 degrees out, but not when it’s 40, windy and will be like this till next week. When is the snow supposed to come? It’s practically winter already and I’ve only seen a few sad attempts at snow. I need to start asking good ol’ Ma to make some snow I guess. I feel bad whenever I ask; there are animals that are stuck outside in that until spring, ya know? But I thoroughly enjoy snow, and this will be Buttercups first winter, so I’d like to have mountains of snow. There are people who already have three feet of snow at their door and all I’ve got is a mushy puddle. Yea I’m definitely moving somewhere tropical. I love Washington but some warm rain would be nice.

When I went to Hawaii years ago we walked all over the place and several times were caught in the rain with raindrops that were the size of quarters. *sigh…* What do you think of rain? Isn’t it delicious? I love how the air smells after it’s rained. All nice and clean, the earth drenched in life giving water. It’s one of my favorite smells, and luckily my room will smell like that sometimes. Because there are so many plants, and so much soil, my room will smell like it’s just rained if I water enough of the room. I should do that soon. But my sink plug isn’t working so I can’t soak my orchids. Speaking of orchids, I forgot to write my plant post this Sunday. I’ll do that now, even though I’m practically asleep and drooling on the keys right now. I’m not lying about that either, I’m falling asleep trying to write this. I don’t know how you can read this stuff when even the author thinks it’s too boring to keep his eye’s open for.