This is our first journal entry for LA. We had to talk about our first day on the island and keep it to a maximum of 500 words. Mine is currently 738 words. And as you will see, I am just barely getting around to introducing people. I can’t help it, she told us to write a novelette and be descriptive. That’s how I write. Hope you enjoy.

The sounds of snapping branches could be heard quite well despite the crashing of the waves and the sounds of the forest. With a sudden jerk I came to a stop, the vines entangling themselves about me, catching me several feet about the forest floor. Once I was reoriented I quickly detached myself from the green mass dropping none too gracefully to the leaf covered ground. The shrieks of bird still rang through the thick leaves of the forest; the hot muggy air doing little to stifle them. I saw a clearing up a hill to right and climbed up it to get my bearings. Reaching its peak, I turned to look back at the way I had come and saw the beach, which was nearer then I had expected. Knowing that the best chance of finding people would be on the beach I quickly set off and reached the shore in a couple of minutes. I was alone on the beach, which seemed to move as the sun beat down. A few seconds past as I stood there in silence, waiting for others to arrive. Shortly, a rustling came from the tree line, and then a small child, followed by several others of his size, came out onto the beach also. They looked worried, as did I I’m sure, and so I told them it would be alright. Seconds after that others began arriving, some farther down the beach, others where I had come from.

The groups who recognized one another formed smaller bunches within the large mass of people. Once everyone was there we moved into the forest, where the sun would have to try harder in order to reach us, someone had found a cool slab of rock, large enough for everyone to stand on so we moved in the direction he had come from. Everyone stood around expectantly, the few who were friends talking amongst themselves. The boy, who had found this place, detached himself from the group and went and stood by a large tree, whose leaves formed a thick canopy above us. As he went the others quieted down and watched where he went. Then he turned back to face all of us, his short thick black hair a distinguishable feature in the shade. He spoke efficiently, saying what needed to be said without boring the group. He stated the obvious; we were not likely to be found here and we should prepare to be staying on this island for a while. He had come from higher ground and knew that this was in fact an island. He was planning things out while we all watched, no one made any complaints about his decisions. We needed a fire, we needed food and we needed shelter, there was no question about that. The others all nodded in agreement with these statements, though no one made any attempt to help him coordinate it all.

He saw that he was already in charge of it all, and no one would be stepping in to help, so he began pointing and giving orders. This group of kids was meant to gather fire wood, that group was meant to gather solid logs for the shelter. Did anyone have glasses to start the fire? How many of us are there? Was there any food on the island? These questions floated around as the boy by the tree gave his orders. He stopped talking once he heard the questions and then repeated them aloud so that everyone could hear. A boy of perhaps seven or eight stepped forward, his glasses much too large for his face. He would help to start the fire. Another boy, perhaps eleven, said that he had come across from fruit trees when he was wandering toward the beach. The boy by the tree spoke again, this time to ask for names. His was Oliver, and then he pointed at everyone in turn so that names could be heard efficiently. Oliver decided that fruit shouldn’t be picked in advanced, that way it could be kept fresh for longer. With that said he reassigned jobs, splitting the group into fire starters and hut builders.