As you know we’re moving soon. That means that I need to pack. But as you know, I’m lazy and have an issue with not zoning out every other second of the day. So when you combine the requirements of work with my laziness and ability to space out, what do you think the result is? I packed one box today. My sister, the over achiever when it comes to… well everything, packed her closet, the hall closet, most of the laundry room, and some of the kitchen. *sigh* I’m not going to comment about that. I’m watching It’s a Wonderful Life with my mom, it’s such a nice movie. I’ve seen it at least 5 times but my mom loves it so I’ve got to sit and watch it again. I don’t mind though. Since I wrote the post about my father yesterday, and because I was going through all my old things today, I thought a lot about my past. How odd I was, how I looked, what I did, things I would say, things I thought about, how much I suffered, how much I didn’t have to live with. I thought about how simple my life should’ve been and how irritating it is that I find my life so hard when there are kids on the streets without food at the moment. They will survive and have something to complain about, all I’ve got to do is doge a few glares and snide remarks everyday. There are people out there who have it way worse off then I do and I feel depressed when I think about going to school. Some kids don’t even get to go to school. It’s all so frustrating and depressing at the same time. The world is a place filled with such hostility. Why is our species one set on self destruction? We can’t ever do anything useful; we don’t produce anything that is helpful to any other creature. We don’t co-exist, not like other species. We are like a plague, sucking the world, and our species, bone dry. I think I’ve done this rant before so I’ll jump back to the happy thoughts of my day. I’m moving. I’m moving soon. I’m excited about this whole moving business, what with a new house and a new beautiful yard. A yard I can sink my roots so deep in that it would kill me to leave before I was ready. A house I could live in for a few years, until I’m rich enough to buy my five acres of land in the middle of no where and live in peace with my half-wolf dog and my fruit tree’s and my bee’s. I would be perfectly happy to do that right this minute. Move to a tropical place, where it rains every other day and the trees grow 20 feet a year. I’m designed for the Mediterranean so it’s only natural that I crave the tropics. My room is a jungle, I love the outdoors- heck I love nature in general. I’m an earth child, despite the fact that I’m an air sign. Maybe that’s why my head is always in the clouds huh? And people always say that I’ve got my feet firmly planted. Hmm, if I didn’t know better I’d think people were describing a tree. Okay I’m off to Google my Christmas gift. I want a pitcher plant with a passion. I’d love this one, or this one, or this one, or any of these really. Lol sorry but I’m in love with plants. Aren’t they pretty?