There’s a girl I sit next to in my Geometry class, which is first thing in the morning and the worst time for math, and she has been doing all her homework like a good student. I haven’t. As you know I procrastinate to the extreme. I don’t do my homework until minutes before it’s due and I get some decent grades. So I’ve been trying to teach her that its ok not to do your work, which I feel bad about but her grades haven’t suffered so oh well. She did about half of the homework problems last night so she wanted to know if I was proud of her. This poor girl, I’m going to ruin her I swear. I just hope she doesn’t get a crush on me because that will not be good for her. Anyways, we had a group test and laughed the whole period about how annoying math is. She’s kind of shy (she wouldn’t talk to me very loudly for weeks) so it was nice actually getting to talk with her. Fuck, now that I think about it, she probably does have a crush on me. I was walking down the hall at the end of the day and she saw me while talking to one of her guy friends (actually I think he’s one of her only friends) and she started laughing as soon as she saw me. But in a nice-to-see-you kind of way not a look-at-this-looser kind of way. Why is it girls find gays so appealing? Sorry ladies but it’s really not going to happen. Get over it. If you see a guy whose nails are buffed to a shine, has perfect eyebrows and talks through his nose, stop your heart before it starts fluttering. Now I’m going to veer way the heck off and talk about my dumb sister. Her school called home yesterday, and since my mom doesn’t get home till late, I was the only one here to answer the phone. The school had called to say that my sister had been late to 4th and 5th and I knew immediately that she had skipped. I had even gotten a text message a week or two ago asking if I was going to skip (it was meant for someone else) so there wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I told me mom about the call and only hinted around my sister skipping. My sister told her some lame excuse that my mom actually bought and so she was off the hook. But she came home today and told me everything. She skipped with her friend and went to his house but his uncle was home so they went to the market. On the way she had to pee and since they were walking through the woods she just dropped her pants and squatted. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I didn’t think my sister capable of such things. Then after she had peed they continued to the market where she stole about $30 worth of junk. After she told me excitedly about how she snuck back into school I just sat there looking solemn. She finally asked if I was disappointed in her to which I replied yes. How could I not be, she skipped school, she was not only gross by peeing in the woods she also broke the law because she was on an abandoned street when she did it. Then she went and stole which is irritating. I’ll finish this later, I’m going somewhere warm to have a birthday dinner for my cousin.