For whatever reason today was clearly meant to be a good one. I got along with everyone, I laughed most of the day, and we found out that it’s a 95% chance that we are getting the house we can’t afford. Ok I just wanted to give you a little preface and now I’ll get into the details of things lol. I didn’t make any idiot moves like I did yesterday and I think I ended up laughing in every single class today, including lunch. That’s so rare I can’t believe it actually happened. Then during fifth today I was even laughing with my group mates in Language Arts. These group mates. I had a feeling that being in their group was a type of test, whether my teacher knew she was giving it to me or not. I needed to brave the uncharted, shark infested waters of Straight-Guy Sea’s. I know that those guys will still make fun of me, and still have a long way to go before they’re mature (not that I don’t) but they aren’t all terribly bad and can be lived with. So anyway, after laughing with them, I went to 6th which is usually boring because I’m not involved in the class but we were interviewing one of my teachers today and it was nice getting to know them. I always feel worse about breaking the rules when I really get to know the enforcer. Then I got on the bus and sat in silence for a few minutes before one of my bus-buddies asked me who I knew that was single. I don’t know of anyone at the moment but she persisted anyway. She told me I gave the best advice and so I HAD to know someone. All I could think was when did I ever give you advice? And was it good enough to be worth note? I don’t find my advice to be all that amazing honestly, I just say what I feel and what I’d do if I were in the situation. I dunno, I guess I’m amazing or something lol. I came home feeling like I wanted to do everything and nothing all at once. I was happy and blissful, and whenever days like these occur (and they are rare) I need to write about them for rainy days. I was felt like smiling for no reason at all the first 20 minutes I was home. I was even thinking about taking all three of my dogs for a walk, which is a feat all its own, even in this weather. It was 18 degrees out this morning and it’s about 29 out now. Or it feels like it anyway. My furnace comes on every five minutes because our windows suck and let all the heat out. It’s going to cost us about $350 to pay for heating this month. It’ll cost us less than $80 when we move because that house has a heat pump. A heat pump, for those who don’t know (I had to do some research so you’re not alone lol), is basically an AC unit. It takes the cold/heat from outside and brings it inside. I don’t know where it’s finding heat in this weather but my mom’s friend has a house much larger then ours and she says she pays $85 to heat her house with one. So that’s more good news. Finally; I just found out about 20 minutes ago that we are about this [     ] close to getting our dream home. Seriously all the bank has to do is sign the papers and it’s ours. Oh happy day.

On a bad note though, my house is so cold that Sam’s teeth are chattering. And audibly. I’m putting more blankets on the windows.