I spent the last two or three hours talking with my sister about drugs. I told her about my concerns for moving to the new house and making house payments even though it’d be $500 over budget. Then I told her about my idea and how I’d also get a job to help pay for things. Then she told me that she wanted to tell me about some of the things she and her friends had done. So we sat down and I listened for hours about how one of her moms friends thought my sister was having butt sex because of some of the pictures my sister has up on myspace. I also had to listen to her talk about how she got drunk twice at her friends house and that her friends brothers girlfriend wanted her to try chew, smoke, get high and play beer pong at a high school party with her. My sister is 14. She stopped hanging with that friend luckily but a lot of her friends want to get high with her (on the substance I’m thinking about growing ironically). She also told me about how she had done some “stuff” with her friend while they were drunk. Ugh, this girl. She’s done so many “bad” things in the past two years and wasn’t even going to tell me about them because, compared to her, I’m a goody-two-shoes. I don’t drink, or smoke, or get high, or party, or steal, or anything. I just sit home and blog all day lol. The only reason she told me about any of that was because I told her about my “idea” and that I figured I’d try some of it just to know what it was I was providing people with. Suddenly I was so much cooler to her. Her older brother wants to deal drugs/ be a druggy! Every little girls dream right? Regardless, I now know that my sister even managed to SNEAK OUT. Do you know how hard that is in this house? If you even set foot by the door the dogs all start barking like crazy, and Buttercup has a booming bark for a dog her size and doesn’t stop until well after any “danger” has passed. She’s like a steam engine, it takes a bit of work to get her going sometimes but once she starts she doesn’t stop. Anyways, I just wanted you to be able to see further into the chaos that is my life. Oh I do have something a bit more personal. Today in Journalism everyone decided it’s be fun to draw names for a gift giving thing otherwise known as a White-Elephant. I decided I wasn’t going to participate because I seriously cannot afford the $20 gift for someone else. I’m not even getting anything for Christmas this year, we don’t even have a tree, so no offense but I’d rather not buy someone else a gift when I’ll be needing food later this week. I was worried that people were going to get irritated because I’m known as the Debbie Downer or Grinch in that class. Luckily people were very understanding, some of them in the same situation (but still participating oddly enough) so I was glad about that. I was still really annoyed with myself though. I can’t even afford a $20 gift card for someone. I know that this is going to sound bad but I really don’t like being poor lol. I feel really trashy and low-down when I have to tell people that I can’t afford nice clothes for a meeting. Honestly I just wanted to curl up in a ball for the last ten minutes. I don’t know how people worse off then me do it. But then again I’m just a weak whinny snob so there ya go lol.