I think I’ll talk about the Peace Lily today.

Care: There are many variations of the Peace Lily (I have four different variations) and they all require different care. For the most part though, these instructions will apply to most Peace Lilly. They bloom very easily and with sufficient lighting and a good watering schedule, they will flourish. These plants are said to bring peace to your home and smell delightful when they bloom. I will often shake some of the pollen from the flower onto my hand and then rub my hands together so that it smells like I have a pleasant lotion on. The flowers will last for a while and will need to be cut off once they are finished blooming.

Propagation: Theses plants all reproduce by budding, as well as from seed. Getting seeds from these is almost impossible though because a special wasp in the tropics is its pollinator. All you need to propagate one of these plants is one of its buds. You will need to dig down a bit so you can be sure you have some of the roots attached to your start. Depending on the size of your start I can either be very easy or very difficult to get it to grow. The larger the better.

Watering: Depending on the season I will water mine as often as once a week or as little as every other week. If the soil is dry to the touch an inch down it is a goo indication that you need to water. Your plants leaves will begin to droop if you do not water it soon enough. The droop will be noticeable so water immediately when you notice your plant is looking a little sad. I hardly ever fertilize mine on purpose but if you want you may fertilize bi-monthly. They will do fine without fertilizer though.

Pests: The only pest I’ve experienced with these is the mealy bug. Although I did have a problem with fungus on the roots once. If you notice an odd smell around your plant you should check its roots. If they have mold on them then take the plant outside, remove the plant from its pot, brush as much fungus as you can off and then repot using new soil. I used the same pot for my plant and it’s been doing fine.

Lighting: A good bright window is perfect for the Peace Lily. They enjoy anything but a South facing window. They don’t enjoy full sun all day and the leaves will begin to burn (get brown spots/streaks) if kept in the sun too long. Simply move the plant if this occurs and it should be fine as long as the damage is not too severe. Overall they are pretty tolerant. I turn mine every so often to keep the plant looking full because the leaves will move to the most abundant life source.