We spent most of the day moving all of the junk we have outside, to underneath the carport. We’re hoping to be moved out of here by the 20th, and I might be able to get some pictures of how bad things are here tomorrow. I can’t believe how much junk we have. Oh random side note. I love banana slugs. They are my favorite type of slug and I’m always happier when I see one. They are a native species of the northwest and supposedly cure toothaches. Sorry I had to point that out because I found one today in all the stuff from outside. I put it in a sea shell so that it would move with us. For every 15 slugs I see, I see one banana slug so I feel like they are kind of rare lol. So after I had a cow because I saw the banana slug, we had to move all of our plants off the porch. In case you haven’t caught on, we’re kind of earthy around here. It was so bizarre seeing the front porch cleared. In the seven years we’ve lived here it was only ever empty the day before we moved in. Without all the plants on it I feel like I’m going to go flying off and break me neck, even though it’s less than 3 feet off the ground. The steps on the porch are rotten and one of them fell off the nails that were holding it up. So we had to stick a brick under it to hold it up. Several of the boards are rotten on the porch itself but not enough to hurt anyone because they were on the edges. Sorry, don’t know why I’m rambling about nothing; I usually have a point to what I’m writing, even if it is a lame one. Packing things up was really all we did today, we’re a little excited about moving. Especially since we’ll be moving in about two weeks. And I’m really glad that I’ll actually get to participate in this move. But to pay for this house we’ll be about $500 over budget every month. So I’ll have to get a job to help cover the expenses. The idea of growing is really starting to look good, especially since I actually found out how much you sell it for. But anyway, I really don’t want to have to do that, as easy as money would be if I did. Let’s see… what else… Buttercup gave me another scratch today. She’d given me so many that people thought I was cutting myself. And she gave me one on my neck that made my skin turn red in a way that made it look like I had a hickey. So for the past few days people have been saying I’m a cutter who likes to make out. Except I’ve never kissed/been kissed so that statement doesn’t really work. I haven’t cut myself on purpose ever either though so yea. Buttercup scratched me in the same place as the “hickey” today so now I’ve got a big long red streak across my neck. It actually makes me look kind of cool lmao. Like I was in a fight or something. For whatever reason I really like how red looks against my skin. I’m a weird freak okay.