Do you have a religion? I don’t. I was baptized a catholic but never practiced the religion unless we were saying grace. And that only lasted until I was 8. Most religions I find comical. Some of the things they say just don’t make sense. You mean to tell me that God created the world in seven days but the sun wasn’t made until the fourth day? Then how do you know the first three days were actually days? Or how about: I get to have how many virgins when I die and go to heaven? Anyway that wasn’t the point of this post. I wanted to talk about how much hatred was IS surrounding all these religions. How many wars have we (as a species) had over religion? This person believes that and since that doesn’t match what I believe I think I should plunder his village and rape his women. It doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t all of these religions talk about being peaceful and such? They all talk about compassion? So then why is it that when you kill someone in your gods name, it’s suddenly ok? I don’t think your deity wanted you to go and kill those people. Plus the whole gay hate thing. Most religions do not agree with the idea of homosexuality. Except for the Greeks and the Romans. They had gods who were gay, that’s how okay with it they were. But suddenly the idea that there is only one god and he doesn’t like same sex couples comes along and it’s a sin to have sex any other way then conventional. I’m tired of it people. I’m tired of the violence. I’m tired of the hate. I’m tired of the humanity. We are a competitive plague. We suck every last drop out of nutrients from our habitat, and then try and put some back in because we realize we made a mistake. But we can’t because we are too much of a destructive species, so we move on, starting the cycle of death all over again. *sigh* I just feel sorry for the next planet we infect. Ours has almost reached it’s limit, soon we will need to move on, and like a plague of locusts we will soar from our atmosphere into the unknown.