Another weekend has come to pass and since it is at its end that means it is Sunday. And since Sunday is when I water I’ve decided to make it my “plant” day. So I’ll be giving some plant care info about African Violets today.

Care: These plants tend to be a little finicky with watering schedules and lighting levels. They like soil that drains well. Pruning may be done to trim the dying leaves or the dead flower stems. Once you understand how to grow an African Violet they are very easy to maintain and will bloom easily under the right conditions. Blooms last for at least two weeks and you can get African violets in a montage of colors.

Propagation: Supposedly all you need to propagate one of these plants is a leaf. I’ve tried several times using this method but have had no success. My aunts have all told me that it is hard to do but that their grandmother could do it all the time. So once I figure out how to do it, I’ll let you know. The easiest way to get more of these plants it to buy them.

Watering: Water these only when the soil is dry to touch. I wait a few days after the soil is dry and then let them soak in water for about 5 minutes. The leaves do not like to get wet so avoid getting water on them. Whenever I get water on the leaves I just lightly brush it off and everything seems fine with them. African Violets are very susceptible to rot so do not over water.

Pests: I haven’t seen too many bugs on these but they can sometimes get mites. You can tell that your African Violet has these if the leaves are curled and distorted. The pests themselves are vey hard to see and it is recommended that you throw the plant out if it is infested. These pests can spread very easily so once you are sure you have them, although it is regrettable, discarding the plant is best.

Lighting: African Violets enjoy bright filtered/indirect light. The leaves will begin to get brown spots on them if they are getting too much sunlight. North or South windows are best. At least seven hours of darkness are required for the plant (especially if you want them to bloom) so if you have them under grow lights remember to turn them off at the appropriate time.