My family on my mom’s side came up for Thanksgiving today so that meant grazing like a cow. Some families may wait to eat one big meal for Thanksgiving but that is not the case with mine. All of the food is put out in one big spread and you just stand there and eat ALL day. Since my great uncle is in the housing business we took in to look at the house we put an offer on. So basically we made it a family outing to tour a house we don’t even own yet. Then we came back to my aunts to stuff ourselves again. Anyway the highlight of the evening was playing Spoons (see here for background info. and how to play.) The reason I’m posting so late is because I spent the last three hours playing that game with my mom, my two aunts, and my sister. We were laughing our fool heads off. And mostly at me. I won almost every time (unlike last time) but anytime there were some close calls my face would contort in the oddest ways. The first time I made a face was when all of the spoons closest to me were gone so I had to jump up with my face set in an expression of surprise, my mouth a tight O and my eye’s wide with my eyebrows up another two inches. The next time I stuck my lips out like a duck with my eyebrows stretching for my hair line. Then later my mom and I were the last two without a spoon so we were fighting over it (this battle happened in less than 2 seconds mind) but because she freaked out I set my face in one of concentration. Once I had the spoon I realized what my face looked like; I had shoved my tongue up under my top lip, and my eyeballs were bulging out of their sockets. My aunt was practically in tears, and I couldn’t even talk I was laughing so much, with tears streaming down my face. Later on I had gotten four in a row and slowly grabbed the spoon but my eyebrows were clearly too excited and shot up again. Hahaha I wasn’t doing any of it on purpose and didn’t notice anything my face was doing until after I had won. Oh and THEN a while later we had switched from four-of-a-kind to a straight but I had forgotten so when someone else won I grabbed a spoon (I was really quick in this game, I think I lost maybe 10 times out of the 400 we played) and looked at the cards of the person who had won. “Wait we were playing a straight?” I asked, completely baffled. I started laughing immediately as did the others. Things played out similarly throughout the night. Before we had started playing my fore mentioned great uncle was talking about how people in Oregon could now legally grow marijuana or something like that. So he was saying that I should grow some in the green house (which is at the house we’re hopefully moving into) and pay for the entire house. You may not recall that my mom suggested something along those lines a while back. Then shortly after my uncle made us (the under aged) some margaritas (non-alcoholic of course) and my asked me to go and make them instead.

“Wait let me get this straight, you want me to grow weed and make you all drinks?” (I had thought my uncle was making some for the adults, not the kids) I suppose if I did start dealing I could rake in millions, and I could sell to some hospitals too so I’d have a permit. Lol I don’t think I ever really would but I did start planning things out with my mom lmao. Much later in the evening when everyone had left and I was taking the dogs out, the little ones still needed to poop. No sooner had I started to form the sentence in my head then the little one’s start pooping at the same time. A uni-poop! I shrieked to myself. Then I began laughing at the absurdity of the thought. After I had taken them back inside my mom plugged in this movie called Bell Book and Candle. It’s an oldie whose plot is about these witches who want to be normal and use witchery to become it. It’s good so far. Anyway one of the witches was putting a spell on this man and she started humming to complete it. It wasn’t a scary hum, just a light note that you would sing to a child to help them sleep. Buttercup did not like this at all though and started barking like crazy. She stood on the couch, looking straight at the TV, with a stance much like a dog on point and barked like a mad woman. We couldn’t calm her down for about a minute, she didn’t stop barking until long after the woman stopped humming. “Buttercup, sweetie, you’re going to have to get over your witchery thing because that’s your house.” I case you’ve forgotten the million other times I’ve said it, we’re a woo-woo house. That was my day as tightly as I could pack it, sorry it’s so long.