Even though we (my sister and I) have Thanksgiving with my mom this year we decided to come down to visit my dad’s family. That plan was of course for not, as my Nonie (see previous post) decided she did not want to do Thanksgiving anymore. This infuriated my father quite a lot because it means his mother is reaching her limit. Apparently his grandmother stopped throwing the parties a few years before she died. So anyway he cooked a huge meal, most of it in anger and denial I’m sure, and now I’m stuffed. He made an 18 pound turkey for three people, a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, mushrooms, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce… um rolls, and… stuffing. I had a picture but my stupid phone deleted it somehow. He cooked us pancakes and bacon for breakfast this morning. Which meant I wasn’t hungry at all for dinner. After that my sister and I were useless, we couldn’t even roll ourselves to the bathroom lol. About 20 minutes later we took some left-over’s to my grandparents who ate peanut butter and jam for their thanksgiving dinner. My dad was tense and seemed ready to start screaming at my grandparents at any minute. They stayed chipper and happy through it all. My Papa even said that they are only happy in the house, only laughter never tears. We left after a short visit, my father taking the phone and going into a different part of the house to talk to all of his siblings, and my sister and I watched a movie.