So what’s it about?: It’s a beautiful story about a little girl who’s older sister has cancer and is dying. This is a movie that you WILL cry during.

The good?: The movie is beautifully written and tells such a sad tale that you cannot help but love it. The acting is superb and all of the actors were marvelous at depicting the reality of death from cancer. Plus it is based on a true story/book.

The bad?: They do so well at showing you the character’s lives that you end up close to tears several times during the film.

The verdict?: This is a film you really should see. The only reason I would tell you not to watch it would be if you were going through a time of hardship (involving dying/death) because you probably wouldn’t want to spend a little under two hours watching someone else’s hardship when you have your own.

Thanks again to The 500 Film Project for allowing me to borrow this ^ reviewing style (even though I haven’t asked lol)