We had to talk about our fears today in Language Arts. Things we had been afraid of when we were 5, 10 and at our current ages. Then we had to get together with our island groups and discuss how we felt we would be doing a month into being on the island.

My group consists of assholes (see here for background information) so they all started listing things they didn’t want. “No blacks, no Mexicans and (looks over at me) no fags.” My teacher notice nothing of course so I was stuck sitting there listening to three guys laugh at my expense. She (the teacher) came over later to tell us that we needed to get to work. Do you not see my note book? I’ve done everything you asked and I’ve had to carry this group through the entire class. She even looked at me when she was talking, so she clearly did not realize what my position in the group was. I stayed late after class, to ask about a book thing, in the hopes she might bring up what my group members had done. I think tomorrow I’ll say something to my group. I don’t care if you don’t like me, but when you start trying to put me down then I get a little annoyed.

That was 5th so I had Journalism next. No sooner had I sat down then I was bombarded by one of my students. He came over to me and grabbed two fist-full’s of my jacket (which freaked me out because no one ever touches me at school) and then asked me if I would like to buy a Chinese prostitute. WHAT THE HELL?! Then he continued on about how he could get me a Chinese prostitute (in a none too politically correct Chinese accent) and that she would make me a lot of money. I politely declined and told him to get back to his seat. He let me go and straightened out my jacket and then continued on to say that he would give me a good deal, two for the price of one. Again I declined so he gave up.

Like WHAT THE FUCK? Why would you- *shakes head* I don’t even know what to say to that. He was joking of course (that’s just how he is) but it was way over the top.

So uhh… that was how my day went…

I wanted to get this in too. I have to mark down everytime Buttercup loses a tooth lol. 

I just pulled out the last of Buttercups fangs. It was the bottom right one. This is the email I sent to the people we bought her from because they are very interested in how she’s doing. “She was having trouble with it so I just reached into her mouth and plucked it out. It felt so weird! I barely pulled on it and it came right out. I have three of her fangs now (I’m a little bummed that it’s not the complete set hahaha) and I have a random molar. This is the fourth tooth she’s lost in the last five days.”