Buttercup lost another tooth again today. She and I were playing (as usual) and all the sudden she stops and begins licking around in her mouth. I’d seen this behavior before so I knew she was in the process of loosing a tooth. I could see it dangling so I tried to pull it out for her. I couldn’t, of course, because she was not happy about having some one’s enormous fingers rummaging around in her mouth while she was in pain. I took a picture naturally :D.

Yes my phone camera sucks, sorry but that’s how it is. I’m going to try and get that new 8 mega pixel camera phone in June when I get a free upgrade. But anyway she also lost a tooth last night. She got blood on my hands, and on the sleeve of my jacket. Luckily my jacket is grey so you can only see the stain if I point it out. I don’t know how she still has teeth, she’s managed to lose almost all of them in less than a month. She was asleep on my lap before she lost her tooth and she had sprawled out so much that her head was hanging off the chair. Which means that if I didn’t hold it up for her then she would’ve left.

Then after she lost her tooth the little ones were tired so they both jumped up and fell asleep on my lap. I was so nice a toasty!


Kira’s so dark you can hardly see her, but I promise she is there.

About my day: It was a half day today which means that I only had to go to my first three classes. That also means that today was a waste and all we did in third was talk. I have a big project due tomorrow (worth about 100 points) and I haven’t touched it in a week. I got out at 10:15 and my mom was at our dream house with the inspector so I got a ride home. I had to stay after for Journalism, and I won’t be getting all of my points because I didn’t stay for the whole hour and a half that is required. Basically my day was pointless and you just wasted a good deal of your time reading nothing. Thanks for stopping by!