I’m going to apologize straight off for slowing down your computers when you load this page. I really liked most of these pictures so I wanted to show some of them.

This is a really cute picture of Kira and one of the few where you can see her eyes.

I liked this one because Sam was yawning.

Just liked how the sun hit the lens, the lines ya know?

Here’s only a few of my plants. It was a sunny day so I wanted to get a “warm” picture.

Just wanted to show I could actually get things to bloom hahaha. Plus the purple is pretty.

She loves sleeping on my pillow.

 I’m so happy I could get a picture of these two playing.

She was just about to jump off.

She started barking at the neighbors. Her fur was even on end but you can’t see that here.

We had just given her a bath and so she was running around acting like a fool hahahah. She’s such a lady, covering herself up.

You can kind of see her fur all roughed up here.

Just rolling around again.

Kira loves to be brushed out.

Here’s a shot of her without her top fangs. You can kind of make out the tips of her new teeth coming in.

She laid down next to the ball right after I let go of her. It rolled right into her arms; so cute.

I thought it’s be symbolic to put her teeth by an hour glass. I love how they looked; like angels wings.

All pictures, except the last three, were taken by me. The last three were taken by my sister but all angles were chozen by me. Hope you enjoyed!