Let’s begin with my school day and then jump over to Buttercups lost teeth shall we? My history teacher, the one I hate, was craaaazzy today. He said he’d had too much caffeine. He was making fake shots (the basketball kind) and was showing some kid how he’d guard him during a game (again basketball.) Then he went over to tell this kid to get to work and was jokingly roughing him up. It was so bizarre! And then he told us he’d Jerk (the dance not the… other kind) at the end of the year. He was out of his mind today. It was really hilarious to watch. My friend thought he’d finally gotten laid lol (he does have a wife and kids so that was just a joke… well sort of)

Ok onto the dog part of this post. Buttercup is a little over 4 months old now so she’s starting to lose her baby teeth. She’s lost both of her top fangs so I wanted to take a picture of her mouth with the holes in it and a picture of her teeth.

I forced my sister to help me because I don’t know how to use her camera very well as it’s a fancy big one. I was directing her around like it was a huge photo shoot.

Then I wanted to get a picture of the fangs (which I found and kept) and so I staged another shoot for that.

Grrr! Well I can’t get the pictures onto my laptop or my computer. My sister’s thumb drive wouldn’t download onto my laptop at all and almost crashed my computer. I might be able to email myself some of the pictures but I have to wait until my sister will let me onto her computer as the only copies of the photos are on there.