You know that saying that guys tend to marry their mothers? Yea well that seems to be the case with me. Not that I’ve married anyone nor am I in any type of relation with my mother other than being her son. Just wanted to clear that up. The title was a pun, take a joke. So anywho; Kira was barking at the cats because she likes to chase them and my mom told her to stop, which she didn’t, so my mother turns to me and say’s “please.” One sharp “Kira!” from me and no more barking. It made me think of those families where the kids don’t listen to the mom and so she has to ask the dad to step in to get them under control. Made me laugh on the inside. But there are other instances where we sound like an old married couple. And I somehow manage to hold conversations with all of my friends that way. For whatever reason when I carry conversations with people, people not in the conversation say that we sound like an old married couple. Except I’m that good of friends with anyone, that’s just how I am. I think it’s because I want to be the old grandfather type that no one really knows anything about and everyone finds odd but then suddenly some random kid discovers I’m actually pretty neat and makes me part of the community again. Hahahaha don’t ask me why that is I just know that I would enjoy it if that was the case with me… yea… I’m weird…. I think I already kind of am like that though. I know a bunch of stuff about things that nobody cares about, I can tend a garden without any trouble (as all grandfather types like that tend to be able to do.) I can be patient when I want to be and know things about people even though they haven’t told me. Somehow, I think I’ll get my dream of being that old guy down the street.

Joking around stuff now:

We got these toys for my dogs and they’re kind of stringy, in that when they are torn apart there are a bunch of thick strings lying around. Well occasionally, if the dogs are playing with one of those toys, the strings will be eaten accidently. Sam ate a few and they didn’t quite make it all the way out the other end. When I came home today I found my mom standing outside with Sam. “Sam needs a tissue.” She said as I walked inside. “Sam?” I asked looking at his nose, “Yea for his other end.” Hahahahaha; I grinned, said ok and walked inside. I quickly let the other two dogs out and then went and grabbed a tissue. I came back outside, gave my mom a tissue and stood to watch the dogs run around. “Buttercups a little poopy too. It’s kind of stuck in her fur.” Not even five minutes being home and already I’m being asked to cut poop out of fur. So my mom finishes wiping Sam’s butt (hahahaha) and then we bring all the dogs in so that we don’t have to chase Buttercup around the yard. First we cut the hair by her eyes because she’s a westie and they have little wisps of fur that sticks into their eyes if left untrimmed. See here for a photo; the little white line in her eye is the fur that I’m talking about. So anyways after we cut the hair on her face we had to cut the hair on her cheeks and after that we needed to wash our hands. Know what my mom said after that? “Welcome home sweetie!”