There wasn’t much of note today. Just A LOT of homework (which I still haven’t started by the way) but there was something in 6th that was rather humorous. You might not know but I’m in journalism this year (I can’t write an article worth anything) and several of my friends are also in it. One of my friends is writing a paper about Breast Cancer month and wanted to put in some of the slogans that people use, for example: save the ta ta’s. She and I went down to the display to see what people had written; there was one which had two poke’balls close together and it said “gotta save ‘em all!” Another one said “save the boobies” with the o’s being the Breast Cancer ribbon. After laughing about what people had written I suggested that she should put in “so be a bra and support the boobs” at the end of her article. Get it? Bra as in surfer dude but also bra as in the clothing item? Anyway we laughed hysterically for the next several minutes and she is, in fact, including that in her article. That was how I ended my school day so right after we finished laughing the bell rang and we rushed our separate ways to get the buses. It was dumping rain on the short walk from my stop to my house. I got inside and was met with a big ol’ slobbery lick from Sam, who has recently discovered that I enjoy puppy kisses and so has begun licking me also hahaha. Kira brought me a toy immediately because she only cares about you when you’re throwing a toy. Buttercup couldn’t tell what was happening because she was in the other room so when I finally said “Hello!” I could hear her hop down from the couch, making a loud thud, and then come tearing down the house in search of me (you can “awwwww” now.) Then I was tackled and thrown to the ground by a puppy slightly larger than a football. Suddenly on dog tongue became three and I was struggling to breathe as they all attacked my face. Don’t I get the warmest welcomes when I come home?