My sister had some of her friends sleep over from the late birthday party. One of her friends, T, says he’s gay but my mother and I are very sure he’s not. He sounds straight, he acts straight, and he hangs onto my sister and her friends a little too much if you know what I mean. He has a friend whose bi, and that friend seems to want ever person in the world to be bi. T’s friend was on the phone and wanted to know if the other boy at this party knew that T was gay. T said it about 5 times “yea G knows I’m gay.” He said it so much it was like he was trying to prove to himself that he is gay. Thankfully her friends left about an hour later and I got to enjoy a cozy/sleepy day. The Matrix movies were on all day so I watched them and watched my dogs playing like a bunch of buffoons.


She looks like a little dragon doesn’t she? I love it when she “grins” at Sam. She’s so little that you can’t take her seriously when she’s trying to be vicious.


Sam was rolling around on the floor biting at Buttercup and she was biting back just as much. Aren’t they cute!


I love this one. Her little paw all up. She looks so adorable! Oh I have another story to tell you about my sisters friends, let me just get through this next photo and then I’ll begin my ranting.


Ok you can’t see Sam very well but he’ flipped over belly up, playing tug-o-war with Buttercup. It’s fun to watch them because she’s this little 10 pound dog and he’s like 90. He plays with her gently though which is really cute to watch.


Ok rant time. We have a laser that Buttercup and the cats love to chase around. Well G had gotten a hold of it and was trying to get Buttercup to play but she wasn’t really inot it. So he started point it at me (and I really don’t like any of my sisters friends so that wasn’t really a smart move on his part) so I told him no to point it at me. Then he pointed it at my sisters face so I said “don’t point that at peoples faces, that kind blind people” so he stopped. THEN he pointed it at my little Buttercup’s face to which I said not so nicely “Don’t point that at my dog’s face. That could blind her. If you blind my dog I will kill you (I wasn’t really serious about KILLING him but I certainly would’ve kicked his ass).” G responds “Oh you’re going to be mad if I blind your dog?” He said it in a joking way, clearly not understanding that I would kick his freakin ass if he messed up my baby. “Yea I’ll be pissed!” He stopped after that and then a few minutes later he pointed it right on Sam’s nose. It’s lucky I didn’t jump him then and there. Instead I said “Alright, you’re done. You’ve lost that privilege. Give me it.” He seemed a little take aback by that but I don’t really care. Don’t fuck with my dogs kid, I’ll fuck your shit up without a second thought.