A few years ago my sister wanted a very nice camera because she wanted to start taking pictures as a hobby. She bought an almost $2000 camera which she barely uses. I was still inspired from yesterday to take a few decent photos of the dogs so I asked her if I could borrow it. I took some really good ones (some were even better than hers and she’s had that thing for over a year), so maybe I’ll be able to get a few of them up online. You could even see what Kira looks like; which is surprising because you can’t ever see her face on film… or on… digital…? Regardless, once they are downloaded you should get a better idea of my house. Before I took any pictures though, I had to go to the dentist. My teeth are fine; I know you were concerned. I almost got into a wreck on the way there though, the road did this odd little thing making it seem as if I were still in my lane when, in fact, I was not. So I almost caused a collision and I got honked at for the first time, yay me:D! Anyways… the dogs (mostly Buttercup) have been running around the house like psycho’s all day. Just zippin’ back and forth, side to side, doing circling around the table and jumping on all of the furniture.  Oh god, now she’s trying to knock over all of the stuffing we’ve saved up from her toys. It’s just out of her reach, thankfully, but she wouldn’t have to do much to spill it. Alright it’s 7:30, my mom’s still not home, and I’ve still got ton’s of homework to do (having not touched any of it since I got home) sooo I’ll report back tomorrow, hopefully with something more exciting.