I’m going to be one of those odd people whose family consists solely of dogs. I haven’t ever found babies all that adorable. Don’t get me wrong they are pretty cute, but for some reason a puppy just looks so much cuter. (I did recently see some children who were maybe 9 months at the mall [I’m at such a loss at identifying ages for people] and they were so small and adorable!) A dog will always be waiting home for you, happy to see that you’re still breathing and that you came home just to see them. Children are only happy to see you home for a few years and then they only care that you’re breathing so they know that they still have money to spend. I know it would be completely corny but I’m thinking about making this into an imitation ‘baby book’ for my dogs. That way in 10 years when Sam, whom I love dearly and has been such a great dog since we got our littlest, has passed and I’m left with the yappy one and the roo-roo one (she will bark/howl at you if you don’t pay attention to her, it sounds like she’s saying roo roo) I will be able to look back on this blog full of pictures and see how my life was. I will be able to identify when this or that milestone occurred. The last dog I had (that was a puppy and lived with me) was when I was seven and he died before he was even a year old because he got into some lawn grower or some other poison. He died the night of the fourth of July. I have very few pictures of him (he was such a cute little dog!), so I’m glad that I’m putting pictures online of the dogs I have now. That way they will always be here. And someday when I want to show my family the collection of photos I have, I might reveal my blog to them, and bring them into my world of memories.

 Never forget to stop and remember where you’ve come from. Always take time to smell the roses.