I’ll skip right to fourth period since that was the only time of note today. My history teacher (he’s mentioned too many times in the last few months for me to link specifically to anything) didn’t tell us yesterday that we need our text books today and so when all of get to class and find out that we need them we were all a little annoyed. Know what he wanted us to do all period? Read from the books and take notes on a certain chapter. Less than a quarter of the class had their books at school so people were sharing books three per book. I spent my time looking like I was working but instead I wrote a very random and somewhat funny (if you’re into this sort of humour, which normally I am not but I was just soo bored…) story about nothing. I’ll post it later if I have the time. My mom will be home in about ten minutes to take me to the mall so we can go birthday shopping for my sister. I hate shopping in general but I could possibly be getting the iPhone so that would be cool. I have no idea what we’re going to be getting my sister because all she wanted was an iTouch. I’ll tell you when I’m back home, which could be several hours because knowing my mom, we’ll have to look at every item in the store before we can leave. She’ll want to buy everything, and I’ll have to be the one to say no, we can’t afford that. Which really pisses me off; why can she buy everything under the freakin sun but when I want one little thing we can’t buy it. Ok she’s here, I’ll post back later.