My mom comes running into the house screaming “the neighbor’s house is on fire call 911!” so I was a little freaked out by that. Of course I didn’t have my phone because it’s the one time I need it and we have an old fashioned phone, with a dial and everything. So I slowly dial 911 and the lady who answers asks calmly “yes 911 what are you reporting?” “hello yes I’d like to report a fire” I tried to sound as calm as I could and I think it helped that I hadn’t seen the flames. Ok let me connect you to the fire dept. “ok” so I waited for what felt like hours for her to connect me. Finally the fire dept connects.” “hello what are you reporting?” why else would I be calling you, except to say someones house is on fire especially since I was just being transferred from the police dept? “Yes I’d like to report a fire I” said. She calmly asked for my name and address which I calmly gave to her. She asked if i could see the flames to which I replied “no” because of my fore mentioned phone situation. Since she couldn’t ask me anything else she just told me that the fire dept was on its way. After that I ran outside to find the entire back of my neighbor’s house engulfed in flames.


There’s my aunt trying to fight the flames which were clearly above the roof. 

My mom saw me and shouted at me to get the animals in the car. We have five animals and we have a prius. I somehow through all the dogs in in a minute and struggled to get the. Cats which were not happy about being shoved in the dog crate (the dogs are too big for it now so they were all lose in the car). Once that was done I had time to grab my phone and iPods and my mom asked me to grab her phone and the car keys. Once outside I just had to stand around and watch as my aunt and mom tried to spray the fire with their hoses which did nothing to put out the flames. The firetrucks could be heard miles away and seemed to take forever. Then all at once there were four blocking up the road and two at my neighbor’s house. It was exciting and freaky at the same time.

fire-1 (sorry these were the best I could get with my junky phone)

They went in their backyard and doused the fire like it was nothing. Our neighbors do reki also and it was his heeling room that was burned the most. They think that that’s where the fire started. Bad juju. Once the fire was out and my family was able to regroup we learned that my uncle, who had gone over to tell the neighbors their house was burning, had bruised his hand knocking on their front door, he hit is so hard. He said that when he got over there they were just eating dinner and didn’t know their house was under any type of harm. No one was hurt because no one was in that part of the house. I wasn’t able to get any of my home work done but oh well, I have a seriously good excuse.