If you had put the timeline of my day next to a snail in a race, the snail would have won. My day was monotonous, it was slow, it was boring, it was dull, it was every other adjective along those lines that you can think of. 4th period the guys in the back corner all started saying “willow’s gay” “he’s a faggot” “he’s fuckin gay” about half way through class which was really annoying. And somehow my teacher just happened to not hear them, even though they were being loud on purpose to make sure that I heard. I have a huge essay due in 5th today and luckily I can turn it in tomorrow and still get credit (even though I don’t have school tomorrow) because I was gone Monday and Tuesday. I had to switch stories in journalism with this girl whose mom was very mad that she was writing about Marijuana. So now I’ve got to Google “weed” all weekend, (that should be interesting to explain to my dad…) I had to stay after for a math test I missed on Monday. That took me an hour and my cousin was supposed to give me a ride home but he wanted to hang “a little bit longer” for swim team. “A little bit” turned into an hour and a half which meant I was stuck standing around in the hot pool room watching him flirt with this girl. SOOOOOO boring. Plus I still need to write my essay so his keeping me at school for an hour and a half longer then I needed to be was really not helping that. I came home and the first thing my sister say’s to me was basically to go shovel shit (“you have to go scoop the yard”). The entire house was dark (by then it was 4:40 and my school gets out at 2:03, so you can guess I wasn’t happy about being expected to do chores that late in the day) except for her room which was the only light on in the house, not even the kitchen sink light was on (and that is ALWAYS on). My dogs were all out of water and were happier to see me then they normally are. So I could tell she’d been neglecting them, completely forgetting their existence except when they were in her room in which case she only acknowledge them to yell at them to get out. I scooped the yard and when I finally sat down with my laptop on and in my lap the phone rings. “YOU GOT THAT!!!?” my sister shrieks from her room. Yes I fucking got it. I live to serve this house remember? Don’t worry; don’t even dream of getting up to do anything yourself. Oh no, heaven forbid I get to sit for five freakin minutes today to relax. It was my cousin (the older one who doesn’t drive) calling to ask if we had any cream of mushroom soup. I go and check the cupboard and of course we don’t so I had gotten up for nothing basically. That’s my bitching-bout for the day I think.

Oh wait nope there’s more: Buttercup got so excited about seeing my sisters friend that she piddled on the arm of our leather couch. I didn’t notice it for several minutes and when I did I was on the phone with my mom who immediately started bitching at me for not reprimanding the dog while holding a phone and trying to soak pee out of leather. Guess who had to clean up the mess with no help at all? Me. I yelled at my sister to help but her music was too loud and she couldn’t hear me; big freakin surprise there. After that I couldn’t wash my hands because the sink was too full because my sister hadn’t done the dishes like she was supposed to. So I did the dishes and took out the recycling because that was also in the way. And I don’t even get paid for this bullshit.