I was home sick again, blah. It’s now 10:06 and I’ve finished some of my homework due tomorrow yay me. My sister’s birthday is coming up and she wanted to go see my dad to have a party with that side of the family. When she called he wasn’t very excited or enthusiastic and said he had forgotten it was her birthday all together (in a non-joking voice). This upset my sister quite a lot blah blah blah and so she of course came to talk to me about it. The only time she ever sincerely talks with me is if she is upset about something. It’s one of the few times she’ll laugh with me and be herself (which is really annoying I must say, why does she need to be sad and depressed to talk to me?!) Anyway, while she was talking I wanted to put some lotion on my elbows because they’ve been a little dry recently so I went to squirt out a SMALL amount of lotion and since none was showing up on my finger I squeezed harder and notice the long white shower of something falling right behind my hand. I immediately stopped squeezing the lotion bottle and looked down to find a white blotch on my jeans… right in the area you don’t want a white blotch in. Plus there was some on the chair… so it was not a pretty site… funny (well hilarious for me actually) but not pretty. So I had to get all of the lotion off of my jeans quickly and throw them in the wash before the lotion somehow left a white spot on my jeans giving the impression of… something not so classy. That is how my day ended, actually no it’s not. I watched the Taylor Swift rap video which was actually good and funny. I had to compare to the vid about mileys struggle with Twitter and I stopped half way through it was that bad. You should watch it (the Taylor Swift one) if you’re a fan of hers, it was pretty cute hahaha.