I stayed home today; I was coughing and sneezing all over the place. I won’t get into gory details about how much my nose has been running and how nauseous I’ve been all day. But I will say that my dogs kept my spirits up all day. They’re just such little fluffs of fun! Speaking of fluffs, take a look at what my living room was like today.


They ripped apart a toy that we got YESTERDAY. It was brand new! So I had to gather up all the remains of this poor toy and stuff it in another toy because they left the new one in shreds. My head was throbbing the whole time I was picking everything up and Kira was trying to grab the toy out of my hands which was not helping. But they were adorable all day.


So it was nice staying home even if I was coughing up a lung and sneezing out the other one.