I managed to get a head cold somehow so I’m stuck home for Halloween. I sat and started knitting a basket today. I’ll show you a picture when I finish. I’m making it for my teacher, who let me read a book for school that isn’t on our list of books to read. My mom helped my sister make cookies, (the frozen kind that don’t taste as good as home made) some pumpkin bread and some caramel’d apples. Now my mom is cooking some chicken so my house smells like chicken soup. My mother never cooks this much so it’s really weird to have seen her in the kitchen most of today. My head feels like it’s full to bursting and my nose won’t stop running. My throat has been soar for two day’s and I have that plain ol’ sick feel about me. We’re going to McDonalds for dinner tonight (which I feel bad about because I boycotted that place for tow years; they cut down the rain forest) because we want to win the Monopoly game. We could really use that money to buy a house or to pay for all our bills. We’ve already put in 10 coupon things online but did we win anything? Nope. Ok I gotta run, gonna go eat myself into a weight loss program.