So today I tried my best not to notice F, because I honestly don’t feel the need to be friends with her anymore. C talked to her about what happened yesterday during 3’rd today, which I wasn’t in because I had a class meeting. C is one of the very few of my friends who would do such a thing as confronting someone for me. It’s nice to know I have such friends because honestly I didn’t think I did. Anyway, I sit right next to F during 4th and she wanted to talk to me, of course. She wrote me a note asking me to help her with some old drama that was coming back up again (the guy she slept with is starting to tell people about it). I replied “why should I help you when you were just starting a rumor about me. She came back at me apologizing about the whole issue. She said she was just joking about it and only told M, and quickly after that told her it was just a joke. I said I didn’t care because I didn’t need rumors being spread around by my friends; I have enemies who do that already. I was getting really annoyed with her because she was trying to play it off but I didn’t believe a word of it because she had already lied to me when she thought I didn’t know what was going on in the situation. She was just trying to make it sound like it was no big deal when I could’ve been beat up if anyone had heard them. Which I pointed out, and she said that no one had heard them. “C and I heard you from across the room.”  “No one else heard because they weren’t listening.” Then she started getting mad at me because I wasn’t accepting her apology. I’m so done with all her drama I can’t even begin to explain.