A friend of mine, who has had a very rough time with rumors in the past, has decided to spread one about me. Today in Language Arts I was zoning out in the extreme and because I was completely out of it I didn’t realize that I was staring at the wall right behind a guy. Why should I be paying attention to what wall I’m looking at right? Well this fore mentioned friend sits right across from me and she and I have a little miming game almost every day. So usually one of us is looking at the other waiting to make a funny face or something. Today she happened to be looking at me and because I was staring, almost right at this guy for several about a minute, she thought I was checking him out (which I most certainly WAS NOT) and started mouthing “Ooo I saw you, I saw you!” Now remember I don’t even know what’s going on so to snap back to reality and be expected to know what someone is talking about is completely unlikely. She pointed in his direction and mouthed again “I saw you looking.” I immediately understood and shook my head no and mouthed “No” to her. She thought I was just trying to cover up or something like that and kept saying “Oh yea, I saw you.” This went on for several minutes and then I turned to the friend who sits next to me and said “Ugh, F thinks I was looking at him and she won’t drop it. Now she’s gonna tell M you just watch.” Two minutes later she turned and told M, who is also a friend of mine, and she got grossed out and did a little shiver thing. Officially I’m straight at school, even though I don’t act like it at all, I just say I am whenever I’m asked. Which means basically everyone knows that I’m gay so I think F was just trying to find some proof of it. Except now I’ve got a rumor flying around about me which is really going to piss me off because if this guy hears it he’ll beat me up because I’ve heard him say on more then one occasion that he hates “faggots and would love to beat one up.” How can she think that it’s ok to spread this rumor about me, which will more then likely get me hurt, and especially since she just went through this big ordeal about her sleeping with a guy who is in our class? Everyone was talking about it and she threw up about 4 times because of the stress, but suddenly it’s ok for her to start rumors. Half the people talking about it had heard it from F’s loud ass mouth anyway! She can’t keep a secret worth a damn, and if she decides to spread this then I’ll be black and blue for a month. I hope she doesn’t because I will be getting even, even if it is the wrong thing to do. I’m tired of her bullshit drama, so I’ll be glad to end our friendship with a bloody massacre.