So after all this hullabaloo about online schooling I’ve decided I’m not going to do it. I know I know, I spent hours and hours whining about how much I hate normal schooling and complaining to my friends about how long it was taking to get me online. But now that I’ve seen the actual class work for it I’m really annoyed. I had to read about 30 pages about what the course was going to be about and all this other useless information until finally after all of that there was about 7 pages of reading about Neanderthals. After I finished that reading there was another two pages telling about a 5 and a half page essay I had to write comparing the conflicts in ancient Greece and China. Where the hell does that come from?! I just had to read all this junk on Neanderthals and now you want me to write all this junk about Greece?! All the other online schools I checked out had a decent curriculum and gave me information to go off of. This school might as well have said “ok now go Google it.” I searched for over two hours for good, informational sites and found perhaps one. I tried, I really did but if I wanted to waste my time I would just stay in my current history class. Luckily I haven’t made the switch from normal school to online during the class day yet so I can still back out of online stuff. Which I will be doing ASAP.