We have just brought Kira home from the Veterinarian. She had her uterus removed today. We took her in the morning at around 7:30 and she was done in less than half an hour. They gave her morphine AND she has pain pills for half a month so she’ll be stoned off her butt for the next few days. She looks like she’s just been beaten and is tired as all get out. She wanted to play with the other dogs but once anyone touched her she got mad at them and tried to bite Sam; which hurt her more because she isn’t supposed to jump and Sam is twice her height. Then my mom picked her up and held her to keep her out of that mix and she fell asleep within a minute. We have to keep her in a small area so she doesn’t jump or play or move or breathe for two weeks. UGH, don’t they know that this little dog loves to play and jump and move and breathe! How am I supposed to get anything done when I have to watch to make sure she doesn’t chase the cats or jump on the couch? Ooo side note. Buttercup just rang the “potty bell” all by herself! Except it’s more of a poop bell for her because she never tells you if she has to pee but if she has to poop then it needs to be outside. Ok end side note. I’m surprised Kira can sleep through all this wind. Things are very windy here at the moment and all though I do love the wind, I don’t love it when there is the possibility of tree’s toppling. When old tree’s start to fall then I get mad because I’m a tree huger and I hate it when they die.

Part 2- Journalism

Journalism had a “work day” after school today and I must say it went really fast. I did lots of work designing the page that I’m doing but I didn’t get my story done at all. Journalism is always 6’Th period and today it was shortened because of late start Friday so all the classes were about 40 min. Which means I worked for about two hours and the damn page still isn’t done. Luckily I can finish it on Monday and there were other people who were supposed to be helping me with it but I was the only one who even touched the damn thing. PLUS my article isn’t even going to be run because the other people’s stories are a mile long and they can’t fit mine on. So I’m doing hours of work with no credit, yay for school!

Part 3- My Annoying Sister

My sister has one of her loudest friends coming over (I’ve written about this one before but I can’t find the link right now) and with Kira not feeling well I don’t really want anyone over. Plus inviting her almost caused a fight and several rumors so I don’t know why my sister felt the need to force it. She really is stupid sometimes you know that? After being gone for a day she’ll come home and the first words out of her mouth will be “can I go over to so-and-so’s house later.” My mom will get visibly sad and try to say no without actually saying it but my sister is so damn oblivious she doesn’t notice and just keeps asking about every other possible way of getting to her friends house. I honestly think that if she had to cross a boiling pit of lava, jump into shark infested waters and ace a reading test (she hates reading) just to hang out with a friend for an hour she would. One of these times when my mom starts to say no I’m just going to say “You know sis, you really are dumb sometimes. Mom clearly wants you home but wants you to have fun also which is why she isn’t telling you no. Stop being such a selfish bitch and sit your butt down to talk to us.” I’d get in trouble of course but it’d be worth it.