When I was little, ages 6-10 11 at most, my dad liked to take pictures of my sister and I because my parents were divorced and he only got to see us twice a week plus every other weekend. Except my sister and I hated taking pictures and every time we took another, we hated it more. My father would force us to take one, making us upset, and then he would threaten to harm us if we weren’t happy while taking the picture. “Hmm father, I wonder why it is I’m not smiling after you just threatened to break my legs.” I’ve never said that to him but I’m not lying when I say that he threatened HIS EIGHT YEAR OLD child if he didn’t take a happy photo. It was scary because I didn’t know if he was serious about it or not; he sounded like he was. And he’d hit me over the head with a baseball bat before so why shouldn’t I believe he’d break my legs if I didn’t smile. So it is for that reason that I hate taking pictures, because my father was abusive no matter what I did and since taking pictures was something he enjoyed it was something I’ve come to despise.

Today one of my friends’ who is on yearbook was taking pictures. She playfully tried to picture of me but I said I didn’t want my picture taken and looked away. She took this as a challenge and tried to take my picture for the next few minutes but then gave up when I didn’t yield. A few minutes late I look to my right just in time to see another one of my friends snap a picture of me using my other friend’s camera. She had asked someone else to take the picture because she knew I was watching out for her. This made me a little mad but I knew she hadn’t meant it in a bad way so I just asked her to delete it. She said no and that her teacher had told her to take peoples pictures while they weren’t looking. I said that I didn’t care and that I still wanted it deleted. She said no again so we did some redundant bickering until I threatened to go to her teacher to get it deleted. She still said she wouldn’t which really pissed me off so I asked her one last time to delete it. She said fine she would and then walked away. Ten minutes later during lunch she showed one of my other friends the picture right in front of me. I was livid at this point and told her she needed to delete it NOW. She said no again so I told her I would be going to her teacher again and she replied “go ahead, I’d like to see you try.” I responded with: “You have no idea why it is that I want that picture deleted but you should know that I’m serious about this and just delete it.” She was still in a mocking tone and replied “what do you have some picture issues or something.” YEA, I FUCKING DO! I wanted to say this but I said “Yes so you should delete it because you don’t know what’s going on.” The fact that she thought I was just kidding about it even though I clearly was not and that she had mocked me for it had seriously pissed me off. She said she’d delete it and then showed me some random picture on the camera as if to prove she had. I said thanks, but I’ll still be talking with her teacher tomorrow. Do you think I’m over reacting or that I have a right to be this upset with her?