There was nothing of note today during school. Classes were the same, lunch was the same, and homework was the same. The buss ride home was interesting though. One of the kids who have been messing with the driver called her a bitch as he got off at his stop and then hit the door as he stepped off the bus. She seemed to be letting it go and my friend and I were about to get off the buss to yell at them. She pulled away from the curb before we could so half the buss started saying things like “I hope your going to write them up for that”. As she pulled away she coasted over to where they were walking and said over the loud speakers outside of the bus: “I hope you know I’m writing your ass up for that”. No lie, I started to applaud her hahaha. After that the buss ride was pretty boring. I got off at my stop, walked home and found that my dogs had busted out of the bathroom. I took them out and everything was fine for about five minutes. Kira ran next door and took Buttercup with her, so I had to chase after them. There weren’t any accidents inside so I got to immediately pig out. I ate: the last ¼ cup of guacamole, the last of the sausage and gravy, two slices of banana bread, a cup of some chi tea, and some of the left over taco meat. Now I’m hanging out on the couch, the little ones curled up at my feet, and trying to stay awake. All in all an uninteresting day.

PS: I think there’s a new ghost in my house, we haven’t had one for several months so it’s a little weird seeing one again.